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26th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

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The Cost of Caring: Compassion Fatigue

Trauma workers come into contact with many patients experiencing traumatic events in many ways. This high exposure to trauma leaves workers vulnerable to Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder (also known as compassion fatigue), a disruptive response that mimics the symptoms of PTSD, but is felt by those who did not directly experience the traumatic event. STSD in EMS is rarely a topic of discussion due to the culture and stigma surrounding mental health, contributing to an increased risk of suicide in EMS providers. It is important to understand how we become upset or traumatized by our exposure to patients. Through understanding the process, EMS workers can alleviate additional, subsequent traumatic stress as well as increase the quality of care for victims. This presentation will cover the difference between PTSD, compassion fatigue, and burn-out, how trauma places special demands on trauma workers and its effect on compassion fatigue, and how to identify and help others suffering from compassion fatigue.


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