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26th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

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The Cost to Call: Analysis of Collegiate & Urban EMS Agencies

Introduction: Tulane Emergency Medical Services (Tulane EMS), a 24/7 departmental organization within Tulane Campus Health, is a fully-licensed, student staffed, basic life support (BLS) emergency medical service. Providing free transport to local hospitals, Tulane EMS aims to ensure access to medical care to students, staff, and visitors. This study will demonstrate the financial impact of activating Tulane EMS by comparing to billing values charged by municipal advanced life support (ALS) service New Orleans EMS, who would otherwise respond to an on-campus call.

Methods: Between August and December 2018, Tulane EMS responded to 325 activations. Excluding all cancellations and ALS transfers, sample size was 267. Per organization protocol, an itemization form is completed after transfer of care, capturing applied interventions and equipment, and transportation decision. Billing costs were obtained from New Orleans EMS. Using IBM® SPSS® Statistics, hypothetical cost statistics were calculated.

Results: On average, activating Tulane EMS would cost $1328.43 if New Orleans EMS were to respond (SD=$370.78). Over the study period, Tulane EMS saved its patients $354,692.00.

Discussion: Regardless of possible confounding factors, the existence of Tulane EMS alleviates a significant financial burden while increasing access to care for Tulane students and the broader community.


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