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26th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

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It’s Happening on Your Campus: EMS Response to Sexual Assault

Many of us know that sexual assault is prevalent on college campuses, but what can we as EMS organizations do to address and respond to these situations? It is especially important for collegiate agencies to be prepared to treat these types of patients. Calls involving sexual assault victims require specific considerations and treatment different from typical EMS calls. Current protocols are not necessarily equipped to handle these types of emergencies. In our presentation, we will address the prevalence of sexual assault and what we as EMTs can do when responding. We will first discuss the definition of sexual assault and the demographic groups affected. We will next provide strategies for scene management, history taking, and how to treat physical injuries while being mindful of the patient’s recent psychological trauma. These skills will then be applied to a case study patient. We will also provide a summary of national resources that work with sexual assault victims and encourage providers to become aware of their university and local services.


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