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26th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

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K2, Spice & Everything Nice: How to Identify Patients on Designer Drugs

Although most of the 70,000 deaths associated with illicit drug use each year are due to a few popular substances, there are several less common ingredients playing an increasing role. Synthetic cannabinoids, PCP, Ketamine, and designer drugs are becoming more popular on the streets, leading to large numbers of overdoses across the US over the past year. Despite DEA and local crackdowns, synthetic cannabinoids and other drugs have continued to invade cities, college campuses, and even suburban America. Learn how to identify signs and symptoms of synthetic cannabinoid, PCP, and Ketamine intoxication, as well as the physiologic impact on your patients. Discover warning signs for unpredictable behavior and potential decompensation, as well as how to identify patients who have been the victim of laced drugs.


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