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Physio-ControlPhysio-Control EMS Skills Competition

Twenty-nine BLS teams and six ALS teams competed in multiple skill stations on Friday, February 28, 2009. Each team consisted of four EMS providers from the organization. Two judges evaluated each scenario. The same two judges evaluated the same scenario for the entire competition. The standardized patient provided for each scenario was the same for the entire competition as well. Each judge scored independently using a scenario-specific template based on the National Registry Curriculum. Points were given for correct assessment and proper treatment and deducted for blatant errors and patient mismanagement. The scores given by the two judges were averaged and the averaged scores for each of the three scenarios were added to arrive at a final team score. The winners of the 2009 Physio-Control Skills Competition were:

1st Place: University of Delaware
2nd Place: SUNY Geneseo
3rd Place: Cornell University

1st Place: Duke University

Click here for detailed results for all teams (11k PDF document).