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Michael T. Hilton, MD, MPH

Michael Hilton, Director-at-Large, is the Assistant Medical Director of Sollis Health, a concierge medical startup company with a mission to create a new healthcare model for emergencies and beyond, where patients receive outstanding medical care, while being treated with dignity, respect and kindness, looking towards a world where healthcare is focused on the patient, not bureaucracy. Prior to this, he was an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Associate Medical Director for EMS and Disaster Preparedness at Mount Sinai Morningside and Mount Sinai West, assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and an attending physician at UPMC Mercy. He is a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and of the National Association of EMS Physicians. He holds board certifications in Emergency Medicine and EMS. His education background includes a BA degree from Columbia University and MD and MPH degrees and a Certificate in Public Health Disaster Preparedness and Response from the University of Pittsburgh. His medical training included a residency in emergency medicine and a fellowship in EMS both completed at UPMC. His college EMS roles include having been Captain of Columbia University EMS, advisor to Pitt Student EMS, and Medical Director of Carnegie Mellon University EMS. Michael became NCEMSF’s New York Regional Coordinator in 2003 and later served as National Coordinator before becoming a Director-at-Large.

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