Conference 2013 Fees and Policies

NCEMSF annual conferences continue to be some of the best values in EMS education in the United States! NCEMSF strives to keep registration fees low so that as many people as possible can attend. Attendees save by registering and paying for the conference early. Personal members (different than institutional members) of NCEMSF receive a further discount as a result of their membership status if they register and pay before the end of the normal registration period. For information on personal membership visit the Membership section of our Web site. Keep in mind that verifying information and processing personal membership dues may take a few days and the Online Conference Registration Utility may not recognize you immediately as a dues paying member, especially if not paying by credit card -- so please plan accordingly.

Early Registration
December 1, 2012 through January 11, 2013
Personal Member: $75
Non-member or Token: $90

Regular Registration
January 12, 2013 through February 15, 2013
Personal Member: $90
Non-member or Token: $110

Late Registration (and on-site)
February 16, 2013 through February 24, 2013
Personal Member and Non-member or Token: $125

All payments must be made in US Dollars.

Conference registration fees do not include travel, parking, lodging and some meals. Contact the conference host facility for room reservations at the special conference rate (valid through February 1, 2013).

Payment Terms

All conference registrants must individually register online through the NCEMSF Web site. Furthermore, all registrants who are not already personal members of NCEMSF or who have not previously attended an NCEMSF conference must provide information for their membership profile.  You may create an NCEMSF profile elsewhere on this Web site.  If you have previously attended an NCEMSF conference, you have a NCEMSF profile and can update it by clicking here.

NCEMSF accepts checks, money orders, purchase orders, and most major credit cards (processed through PayPal) for advance payment. Remember, all dates are "pay by" dates. (See further information regarding automatic cancellation of unpaid accounts below). All accounts must be paid in full by the time of on-site conference check-in for individuals to be permitted admittance. Any mailed correspondence or mailed payment must be received by Wednesday, February 20, 2013. Please send checks or money orders payable to NCEMSF to:

Attn: Conference Registration
PO Box 93
West Sand Lake, NY 12196

Credit cards are processed through PayPal. We will not accept credit cards for on-site payment. You must pre-pay in advance of the conference if you wish to use a credit card. Only checks, money orders, and cash will be accepted for registration payment at the conference facility.

Note: No direct purchase orders (POs) will be accepted for on-site conference payment. Contact the conference committee by e-mail at to arrange for a PO prior to the conference. POs must be received by NCEMSF within two (2) weeks of registration via email, fax or mail and payment in full received by the start of the conference.

Although all attendees must register individually, it is possible to pay as a group. Schools may elect to purchase a predefined sum of early or regular registration tokens (equal to the non-member rate) to be applied to specific registrants after each has completed the individual registration process (tokens must be assigned to specific individuals prior to the start of the conference or else they will be lost). Tokens can be assigned by typing in the special institution-specific issued prepaid token code at the time each individual registers. The code is provided to the account administrator once the order is processed and the administrator can track the number of tokens spent by logging into the NCEMSF Web site conference registration utility using their institutional login credentials. This process allows a school that knows it is sending a set number of delegates to the conference to lock in the lowest possible rate for its members without yet knowing who specifically is attending. It also permits payment via credit card for a group. Annual institutional membership dues can be paid at the same time as well. Tokens are not processed until actual payment is received and are not refundable, however. Alternatively, individuals can register and indicate that they will be paying as part of a delegation and then a group payment may be sent via university check or PO. Each individual’s registration number must accompany the check or PO to assure proper tracking.

Cancellations and Refunds

A full refund (minus any credit card processing fees incurred by the Foundation, if applicable) will be issued for anyone who registers and pays for the conference and, for whatever reason, cancels their registration on or before January 25, 2013.

In most cases, refunds will not be given after January 25, 2013. However, if you are unable to attend for any reason, you may substitute another individual in the same registration category at no additional cost. (For example, if you are an NCEMSF member, and the substitute attendee is not a member, the difference in price will be charged.)

Please note: a conference registration for which payment is not received by NCEMSF within two (2) weeks of registration will be automatically canceled. This includes registrations that are to be paid with a university PO – the PO must be received within two weeks and payment in full for POs prior to the start of the conference. If a registration is cancelled due to lack of payment, the registrant will have to re-register for the conference at the then-prevailing rate, which may be higher than the original registration.

Additional general conference policies exist to ensure a safe and enjoyable conference experience for all attendees. Each attendee will be required to sign a copy of these policies upon individually checking in at the conference (photo ID is required upon check-in; there is no group check-in). A copy of the 2013 Policies is no longer available for review.

If you have questions, please contact the NCEMSF Conference Committee by e-mailing

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