Conference 2020 Pre-Conference Workshops

NCEMSF is pleased to offer Pre-Conference Workshops as part of the 27th Annual Conference. These workshops offer a chance to go in-depth on a specific topic, and will be held on Friday, February 8th. Registration will be limited to those who are also attending the full Conference. Links to register for a Pre-Conference Workshop will show once you have registered for the Conference and your payment has been processed. The following course descriptions and prices are provided for your planning purposes, but are subject to change. Additional courses may be listed at a later date.

Medical Considerations for Technical Rescue

Knot-Tying PracticeFriday, February 28th, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

The purpose of this course is to introduce prehospital providers to confined space and high angle rescue in a hands on settings. Providers will be introduced to the confined space and high angle environments while applying skills and knowledge related to medical treatment of patients requiring specialized rescue. 

Technical rescues are challenging incidents that require a medically-focused response in order to ensure a successful outcome. Prehospital providers performing technical rescue operations will be faced with unique obstacles that are different from every day emergency medical calls. Examples of some of these obstacles include dark, austere environments, safety issues such as hazardous atmospheres, limited space, and prolonged extrication times. In this course, providers will develop an awareness level of knowledge regarding technical rescue and develop basic operations level knowledge and skills related to medical treatment of patients.

Cost: $25 per person (includes transportation between the host hotel and the course location if needed, as well as lunch)

Class Size: 30 students maximum

  pdf Informational flyer (484 KB)

Patient Management in the Tactical Environment: The Rescue Task Force

ICS Forms and Triage TagsFriday, February 28th, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

EMS and law enforcement are currently undergoing a paradigm shift for how they respond to active threat scenes. Efforts are being made to reduce the time it takes both police and EMS responders to enter a scene and reach victims while maintaining responder safety. One concept that is gaining acceptance is the Rescue Task Force: EMTs being escorted into areas of a scene by law enforcement to quickly render aid to victims and evacuate them, even while tactical units may still be active in other portions of the scene.

This three-hour awareness-level course is designed to introduce some of the components of the Rescue Task Force model, including personal protective equipment used during response to active threat scenes, patient movement and evacuation techniques, and practical medical skills that can be life-saving when applied quickly. Regardless of the policies of your agency or your campus police department, the lessons learned during this Pre-Conference Workshop can be applied to all types of scenes and patients.

Location: TBD

Cost: $15 per person

Class Size: 30 students maximum 

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