Annual Awards Program

NCEMSF recognizes outstanding efforts made by individuals and organizations through our awards program. Instituted in 1997, the program currently has nine different awards:

  • Striving for Excellence
  • Richard W. Vomacka Student Speaker Competition
  • Collegiate EMS Week Celebration of the Year
  • Collegiate EMS Video of the Year
  • Collegiate EMS Web Site of the Year
  • Collegiate EMS Advisor of the Year
  • Collegiate EMS Provider of the Year
  • Collegiate EMS Organization of the Year
  • George J. Koenig, Jr. DO Service Award

NCEMSF also recognizes 5-year milestone anniversaries starting with 10 years of service.

Past winners and descriptions of each of the awards are shown in our hall-of-fame.

The NCEMSF awards committee reviews all nominations. Awards are presented each February during the Annual National Conference. Nominations received by the Friday two weeks prior to the start of the conference will be considered for that year’s award.

Only current year dues paying institutional members are eligible to receive NCEMSF recognition. Individuals nominated for individual awards need not be dues paying members to win, however, their institution must be up-to-date with its dues. With the exception of Striving for Excellence, no nomination form or application exists (Download Striving for Excellence Packet [PDF]). Nominations should consist of a formal nominating letter making the case for the nominee and highlighting unique attributes that distinguish the nominee and convince the committee. Any appropriate supporting documentation should also be provided and referenced in the main nominating letter. Wherever possible submissions should be coordinated and all letters and supporting materials forwarded together as one comprehensive nomination. The quality of any one submission is more important than the quantity of letters received, especially if multiple letters all come from a similar source or share the same perspective. See each individual award description for additional specifics as well as the current conference year’s Web site. An organization may submit and win multiple awards. Self-nominating is permitted; however, supporting documentation is required. Submitted materials may be featured in future NCEMSF published media.

All nominations and supporting material should be sent to the e-mail (preferred), fax, or postal address below. With the exception of the "Video of the Year" award, there is no need to mail hard copies of electronic submissions.

(877) NCEMSF-1  - (877-623-6731)

PO Box 93
West Sand Lake, NY 12196

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