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26th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

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Healthcare Theater and the Future of EMS Simulations

The face of EMS education has been evolving for the past decade, with national level discussions about educational requirements and standards – the scene has been set for an overhaul of how we train new and experienced EMTs. EMS agencies across the country, especially collegiate companies, struggle to find continuing education methods that engage their personnel and make a measurable difference in provider performance and patient outcomes. At the University of Delaware we have partnered with the School of Nursing and the Theater Department to offer high fidelity one hour long scenarios with a video based debriefing to follow. This model has received national attention recently, including a site visit from Press Ganey and the Leapfrog Group. Each EMS scenario is one 911 call from dispatch to transport complete, utilizing live healthcare performers whenever possible to maintain the highest level of realism. Drawing from current literature in healthcare simulation, we aim to improve provider confidence, competence, and patient outcomes. This presentation strives to start a conversation about high fidelity EMS scenarios – ultimately providing attendees with the tools and information necessary to go back to their own department and implement a similar high fidelity training model.


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