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26th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

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Adult Trauma Assessment – A Systematic Approach to Patient Evaluation

This class is designed for EMS providers seeking to explore methods of performing patient assessment on adult trauma patients. A review of the essentials from scene size up through on-going assessments shall be covered. The goal is to blend the various nomenclatures from past and present to assure the participants gain insight on what other EMS providers might be speaking about with trauma assessment. Walt will share information and demonstrate with the assistance of participants of how to think about evaluation of adult trauma patients. From scene size up, primary assessment, secondary assessment and on-going assessment of patients presenting with traumatic injuries, this session shall speak to matters that affect every provider presented with these types of patient scenarios. This gathering is an opportunity to review situations and gain knowledge and skills on how to approach future adult patient who present with trauma. No power point, just talking, showing and sharing about patients that need to be assessed.


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