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29th Annual National Collegiate EMS Conference

Thank you for your interest in becoming a presenter at the 29th Annual National Collegiate Emergency Medical Services Foundation Conference. The weekend is dedicated towards the education of college and university EMS providers. We anticipate approximately 1200 attendees representing over 110 universities and colleges. Our mission is to provide the foundation from which our members can become the EMS leaders of tomorrow. Lecturing to impressionable college students, who are interested in the health professions and genuinely want to make a difference on their campus and in their community, is one of the most rewarding experiences that you will ever find.

Our lectures are presented in several different formats: theater style, small group discussion, hands-on sessions, expert panels, and lightning talks. Most of our sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for questions and answers. We will attempt to accommodate requests for a hands-on session or small group discussion immediately following your lecture in order to promote continued discussion of your topic. The expert panels will be composed of 3-4 lecturers on a specific topic. Each lecture on the panel will be 10 minutes to allow for 20 minutes of moderated questions and answers. Lightning talks are short,  20 minute lectures on a single topic, presented back-to-back with other related topics. 

Lectures are scheduled on Friday night, all day on Saturday, and on Sunday morning.

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, with the first review occurring in winter 2021.

Our Conference session submission system now requires that you have an NCEMSF Website account. If you believe you had an account in the past but need assistance finding it, please contact our IT team at and they will be happy to help. If you have not created an account before, please create one (it's free). This will allow your contact information and bio to carry over between submissions, and will make it easier for you to edit your submissions (if needed). 

We continue to be thankful that we are able to recruit nationally known lecturers that are willing to donate their time towards educating the leaders of tomorrow. For all presenters of hour-long theater-style lectures, hands-on skills sessions, or small-group discussions we welcome you to attend any portion of the conference, complimentary as our guest. However, we are unable to provide honoraria or travel reimbursement, and we cannot provide complimentary attendance for any co-presenters. Vomacka Student Speakers, poster authors, and presenters of any lightning talks are also not eligible for complimentary attendance (unless they are also the lead presenter on a hour-long session). If you have any questions, please contact me at

Thank you,

George Koenig, DO
NCEMSF President

Our system requires that authors be signed in with their free NCEMSF website account.



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