Jeffrey J. Bilyk, ACP(f)

EMS Week Coordinator


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Jeff Bilyk

Jeffrey J. Bilyk, NCEMSF EMS Week Coordinator, is the founder and former Director of the University of Windsor Emergency Response Team. He previously served on the NCEMSF Board as Canada Regional Coordinator. He worked as an EMT in Michigan and after a hiatus doing work in the field emergency management returned to EMS in Ontario. Jeff has worked in both land and air environments in Alberta and Ontario where he currently serves as an Advanced Care Paramedic. He also works in the Quality department of his Regional Base Hospital Program providing quality assurance and education to nine local Paramedic Services. In addition to his EMS work, Jeff owns a successful health and safety consulting company. He has always been a strong advocate for campus based EMS in Canada and endeavours to continue to grow the number of Canadian campuses with CBEMS teams.

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