Conference 2024 Attendee Policies

By completing a Conference registration, you agree to these policies in their entirety. In addition, you may be asked to sign a paper copy of these policies during the on-site check-in process. Please direct all questions to

Conference Policies

The following exist to ensure a safe and enjoyable conference experience for all attendees:

1) Conference ID badges are required for entry to conference lectures and events and are to be worn by attendees at all times while on the conference premises.

2) Attendees are expected to conduct themselves as the young-adult professionals that they are and to display the same degree of decency and respect toward other conference attendees, hotel guests, and staff that they would exhibit while responding to campus medical emergencies and interacting with patients.

3) Noise production is to be kept to a level appropriate to an indoor hotel environment and is to be respectful of the hour and considerate of the surroundings.

4) The consumption of alcohol by those younger than the federal legal minimum drinking age of 21 years as well as the use of drugs or other illegal substances by attendees of any age is strictly prohibited. Open containers containing alcohol are also forbidden in all conference common areas.

5) Common areas and private rooms of the host facility are to be left in the same fashion in which they were found upon arrival. Any damage to, or destruction of, property will be the financial responsibility of the offending individuals.

6) Participation in conference lectures and activities grants permission for the use of one’s image in NCEMSF publications and promotional materials.

7) Conference speakers are experts in their given fields. The information they present and opinions they express, however, are not necessarily those of NCEMSF. Attendees are reminded to follow their prescribed operating procedures and to contact their agency’s medical director before changing medical protocol.

The aforementioned apply in addition to the stated policies of the host facility as well as local and federal laws. Failure to comply with any of the above may result in eviction from the conference and/or hotel without a refund. Additionally, civil and/or criminal penalties may apply.

Registration for the conference indicates your acceptance of the policies listed.

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