Collegiate EMS Week

Collegiate EMS Week, which takes place during the second full week in November and was modeled after National EMS Week in May sponsored by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and endorsed by Congress, is a week-long recognition and celebration of campus-based EMS and provides an annual opportunity for campus-based EMS organizations to highlight their activities and educate their communities.

Below you may download for free the NCEMSF EMS Week Packet. Included in this packet is a wide variety of information from public service announcements and press releases to ideas for EMS Week activities. All materials are designed to help you inform your campus and surrounding communities about collegiate EMS as well as EMS in general. This information is intended to be a starting point, feel free to modify it and add your own information. Of note, the packet's suggested activities do not incorporate distancing or virtual delivery, but should still provide good ideas for activities that can be adapted to the current environment.

Colleges develop and train those that will serve as future leaders both within the healthcare community and community at large. NCEMSF encourages you to develop activities that not only reach out to your campus community, but also include your campus’ greater community.

To kick off Collegiate EMS Week each year, NCEMSF sponsors National Collegiate CPR Day (see associated page).  The goal is to see that as many people receive CPR training as possible. Even if you cannot kick off your EMS Week with this event, we hope you will consider it as a part of your EMS Week activities.

To highlight your group’s activities during EMS Week and to help NCEMSF publicize EMS Week such that it gains notoriety and acceptance please submit any materials you develop and any documentation that you create or gather as part of these events to NCEMSF. Newspaper clippings, videos, pictures, brochures and other handouts are all appreciated.

Collegiate EMS Week will be held the following days:

26th Annual Collegiate EMS Week: November 11-17, 2024

Have a safe and enjoyable EMS Week!

pdf EMS Week Packet 2022 (7.68 MB)

pdf 2016 ACEP EMS Week Planning Guide (6.98 MB) (PDF)


Media coverage of past Campus EMS Week celebrations and events:

Contact the NCEMSF EMS Week Coordinator with questions:  

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