Membership FAQ

Here are some recently asked questions about membership that might be helpful to others:

Q: Do I have to be a currently dues-paid annual personal member to upgrade to lifetime personal membership?

A: No. You can upgrade from free Web site access to a life membership without having to become an annual member first.

Q: I attended the NCEMSF Annual Conference last February. Am I a personal member of NCEMSF?

A: It depends. Everybody who attends an NCEMSF conference is granted personal membership through the end of the academic year (ending May 31). If it's past May 31 and you have not renewed your personal membership and aren't a lifetime member, then you are NOT considered a personal member. You can check your membership status by clicking on the "My Membership" link under the membership section of the Web site. This link is only available once you log into the site with a username and password.

Q: I created a profile.  Why can't I login?

A: To enable your profile, you need to click on the link that was emailed to you immediately after you registered.  Once you do this, you will enable your account and be able to login to the NCEMSF website.

Q: How much are membership dues?

A: There are two categories of memberships - Personal memberships (for one individual) and Institutional membership (for a school/squad only, does not apply to individuals who are members of the group).  Institutional memberships are $25 annually.  Personal memberships can be paid annually or for a lifetime.  Annual student memberships are $10.  Annual non-student memberships are $20.  Lifetime student memberships are $75.  Lifetime alumni memberships are $100.  Lifetime non-student memberships are $150.  The cost of memberships may change in the future.

Q: How can I view my past membership invoices?

A: After logging into the Web site, see the "My Membership Invoices" menu item under the "Membership" section of the Web site. Currently, only membership invoices since November 2012 will be displayed.

Q: We have several members of our organization registered to attend the conference -- do we also need to sign up as a group to ensure you know we're coming?

A: There is no need to sign up the organization separately – you're on the list as soon as one person from a group signs up.  However, it would be a good opportunity to check your organization's NCEMSF membership status if you want to be considered for any awards.

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