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The best way to contact NCEMSF is via email. This ensures that your message is routed appropriately to the correct NCEMSF personnel. We strive to respond in a timely manner, but please keep in mind that all NCEMSF personnel are volunteers and, as such, our response may not be immediate. If you know the specific person you are attempting to reach, please click on About > Leadership link on the main menu bar above to locate that person. Please select the nature of your question/comment from the list below:

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PO Box 93
West Sand Lake, NY 12196

(877) NCEMSF-1 [623-6731]

  Phone Extensions:
    100 - General Information
    101 - Annual Conferences
    102 - Collegiate EMS Week and CPR Day
    103 - Membership
    104 - Startup
    105 - Regional Coordinator Network
    106 - Alumni
    107 - Sponsors
    108 - Dr. George J. Koenig, Jr., NCEMSF President
    109 - Dr. Scott C. Savett, NCEMSF Vice-President
    110 - Dr. Joshua A. Marks, NCEMSF Secretary
    111 - Dr. Michael S. Wiederhold, NCEMSF Treasurer