NCEMSF Annual Conference

NCEMSF conferences are the centerpiece of campus EMS interaction. Groups wanting information on how to implement or improve campus EMS at their school find a plethora of information available. Being able to ask a large group of people specific questions about campus EMS operations is a huge benefit. If campus EMS administration isn't your thing, our medical seminars keep you current on EMS topics.

You might wonder why the conferences have traditionally been clustered in the northeastern United States. The reason is simple: it's where most of the campus EMS groups are located. The bulk of schools with campus EMS are in CT, MA, VT, NY, NJ, and PA. While these six states cover a huge geographical area, we have tried to choose our conference sites to make them within a 6-hour drive of about 80% of campus EMS providers. In an effort to involve more of the schools outside of the northeast US, we anticipate sponsoring regional conference in the midwest or southcentral regions.

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