Radford University students help save a man's life

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Elizabeth Harrington
Reporter, WDBJ-TV


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A group of college students were put to the biggest test on January 18.

They're members of Radford University's Emergency Medical Services team. The group is volunteer only.

Last Wednesday a man at a dialysis center on East Main Street in Radford went into cardiac arrest. The center is two blocks away from the EMS team which is housed inside the University Police building.

The man's heart stopped and the students, Josh Moore, Clifford Goodson and Sarah Heishman, quickly reacted after hearing the call.

The three students used an AED machine, a defibrillator, to revive the man. It was the first time the students had used the machine. They put the pads on his chest which sent an electric shock that started the man's heart. CPR was also administered to the patient.

The City of Radford EMS arrived shortly after that. The man was airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital and survived.

"It feels good knowing that he can go home and see his family again," says Moore.

The three students who responded say they didn't think about what was happening. They remembered their training and went into autopilot.

"After it was a little surreal but during it I didn't even think about freaking out," says Heishman, "it's just like okay I have to do what I remember doing, remember being told to do."

Radford University's EMS team is on call 24/7 and respond to on-campus calls. They also respond to some off-campus calls but only to assist Radford's department.

RUEMS have a fully equipped vehicle which allows them to treat patients. But the students don't transport anyone.

They run about 350 calls every year.

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