REMS Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

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Rice News, Volume 8, Number 13

In celebrating National Collegiate EMS week, Nov. 8-14, the Rice Emergency Medical Service (REMS) has set up a booth this week at the Rice Memorial Center to increase campus awareness of the organization's progress.

Since its Oct. 4, 1996, inception, REMS has treated over 600 patients on the Rice campus. The nearly all-volunteer service provides around-the-clock assistance to the university, and most of its members are Rice students.

At the REMS booth, brochures about the REMS program will be available, as will applications for enrollment in the spring semester REMS course, offered as a three-credit course through Human Performance and Health Sciences.

Presentations on REMS statistics and safety on and off campus will be given at the booth, and blood pressure screenings will be available to those who stop by.

The REMS program has trained 60 volunteers in the past two years, and there are currently 33 volunteers on board. Volunteers must make a commitment of one eight-hour shift per week.

This year, REMS will be teaching CPR and first aid classes on a regular basis at Rice, as well as in inner-city Houston. For more information on REMS call (713) 737-5785.

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