Rutgers University EMS Adds Ambulance to Fleet

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Press Release

In March of 2005, Rutgers University Emergency Medical Services (Rutgers EMS) took delivery of a 2005 Ford E350 PL Custom Type III ambulance. This new and quite welcome addition to the fleet is more spacious than the 2 type II ambulances currently in service. This increase in space will aid medical personnel so that they can do their jobs with even greater ease and will no doubt ensure improved comfort for the patient.


Rutgers EMS is a New Jersey State Department of Health Licensed health care provider. The organization is staffed by full-time and per-diem certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The service provides emergency medical care and transportation on the five New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses as well as for local municipalities. Rutgers EMS also provides non-emergency transport services for students, and provides standby coverage at major athletic events occurring on campus.

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