Saint Anselm College Mock DUI Auto Extrication

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By John Wozniak

GOFFSTOWN, NEW HAMPSHIRE - Saint Anselm College Rescue Team hosted a mock DUI auto extrication to educate the student body about the inherent risks and dangers of driving drunk as part of National Collegiate EMS Week. For this demonstration, Saint Anselm College had a vehicle donated to them to stage a realistic accident scene. The demonstration was staged in a high foot traffic area when classes were being let out to gain maximum exposure to the student body.

For this scenario, a one car MVA was staged as a car vs. tree. Saint Anselm College Rescue responded to the scene initially and established patient contact. A few moments later, Goffstown Engine 6 arrived on scene and stabilized the car, then went in service with their hydraulic tools to make a door pop. The roof was also removed. Goffstown Ambulance 2 personnel assisted Saint Anselm College Rescue with the packaging of the patients.

The operator of the vehicle wore stage blood and makeup to simulate a head trauma due to impacting the windshield and was a critical (Class 1) patient. The passenger was an obviously deceased (Class 5) upon arrival of EMS. Passenger was extricated through the driver's side door and the driver was removed via long board after the roof was removed.

Following the extrication, Goffstown Police Department talked to the students present about the dangers of drinking and driving and answered any questions that they had. A great team effort was put into this exercise by all of Goffstown's emergency agencies as well as the Saint Anselm College Rescue Team.

Photos by Brian Wozniak

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