Water, water everywhere, but not in what they drink

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By Robert Cristo
The Record

ALBANY - A University at Albany tradition got out of hand Thursday as paramedics were called in to assist some unruly, wet revelers at the annual Fountain Day celebration.

What started as a day of fun - splashing around in the giant campus fountain for thousands of students - ended with about 16 students getting injured, mostly from falls.

According to Albany Police, alcohol contributed to most of the falls that caused minor injuries (head bumps, scrapes) to students who were transported to Albany Medical Center Hospital for evaluation.

Authorities said no one was arrested or seriously injured as a result of the mayhem.

UAlbany officials admitted there was a problem with alcohol consumption, but said it was too early to comment on that, considering officials were still gathering details of what occurred.

College spokesperson Lisa James said the larger-than-usual crowds that showed up at the event because of the warm weather could have contributed to the problem.

She also indicated that school officials will reassess the way the event is organized in the future, as a result of how the celebration unraveled this year.

During the past 30 years, Fountain Day has been a way for students at UAlbany to unwind, celebrate spring and enjoy themselves before getting ready for the stress of finals.

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