Stony Brook University Police, Ambulance Crews Make Save with AED After Crash

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By Scott Eckert

Stony BrookMultiple reports of a motor vehicle accident came into State University Police Communications Center for a car into a building with injuries. The first arriving officer advised of a serious personal injury. A nearby civilian, who is an Assistant Athletic Trainer, stated that she was certified in CPR. The second arriving unit assisted the citizen with CPR and applied the Lifepak 500 Defibrillator (AED), which indicated a shockable rhythm.

The victim, a male in his 50's, had suffered a cardiac incident while driving on John S. Toll Drive in the middle of Stony Brook University. He was successfully resuscitated and transported to Stony Brook University Hospital by the Campus Volunteer Ambulance Corps. Crime scene investigation was started by State University Police Detectives along with Suffolk County Police Crime Scene Unit.

Stony BrookFurther information was learned that the victim's pace-maker had stopped on February 14, 2004. He is still alive today due to the quick action of State University Police Officers, Ms. Lisa Cantara, the citizen, and the State University Fire Marshals.

This marks the first save by the Police Department using the defibrillator.

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