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Press Release

It's official! The ACFR-R BIKe Team is proud to announce that the University of Florida has chartered and organized a student interest group. GEMS, or Gators Interested in Emergency Medical Services, is a student run organization dedicated to carreer exploration and involvement in emergency medical care. Our most recent meeting drew over 30 people, and we brought in a guest speaker from ShandsCair, the local flight program. On February 28th, we will offer BLS for the Healthcare Provder to all interested members. Furthermore, we hope to implement a first responder training program. Qualified GEMS members will then be eligible to ride with the Alachua County Fire Rescue BIKe Team. As we continue to funnel trained students into the Reserve Division, we will expand BIKe Team operations to include special event service and eventually ALS level care. The ACFR-R BIKe Team members are excited at the prospect of increased student involvement, and we want 1998 to be an outstanding year for emergency medical services at the Unviersity of Florida. Contact for additional information.

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