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Since 1972, the University of Vermont Rescue Squad has been providing high quality emergency medical care to the University of Vermont, the city of South Burlington, Interstates 189 and parts of 89. We also respond to many other parts of Vermont as part of a district wide mutual aid agreement.

UVM Rescue is comprised of full-time and part-time students who volunteer their time to provide top notch services to the community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our members are trained to the highest certification attainable in our district, requiring our members to devote countless hours to training and enhancing their knowledge of the EMS system. UVM Rescue is one of the few collegiate ambulance services to provide pre-hospital care at such an advance level and to such a large population.

More than simple providing and ambulance service, UVM Rescue also offers community CPR classes, medical coverage at University events and Community functions such as Vermont Expos Games and Special Olympics.

Providing the UVM community with such a high level of care requires knowledgeable and dedicated personnel, but it also requires financial support.

Historically, UVM Rescue has solicited donations for a portion of the necessary funds required to operate its ambulance service. Due to increasing costs of medical supplies and other operational expenditures, we have made the decision to begin billing our patients for our services beginning on April 1, 2004.

UVM Rescue is proud to be one of the last ambulance services to make the transition to billing. As part of the mutual response plan, any person picked up by an ambulance other than UVM Rescue will receive a bill for services provided. Many health insurance plans will cover the cost of ambulance transports in their premiums. Because of these facts; the decision to bill is the next logical step towards advancing UVM Rescue

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