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UVM Rescue is not your typical school activity. It is a 24 hours a day 365 days a year service that provides pre-hospital care, to more approximately 2,300 calls per year, more than six calls a day.

Each member of UVM Rescue spends a minimum of 80 hours a month at rescue's quarters behind police services, through the school year and when school lets out for vacation, rescue members stay behind, ensuring that the necessary crew of five members is always on duty and saving lives.

UVM Rescue is one of only 17 student run certified ambulance transporting agencies in the country, and the only one that dispatches for themselves and other rescue agencies.

UVM Rescue Dispatch is used by 10 local emergency response agencies in the area. Working so many hours a month and remaining in Burlington over the summer can be a very strenuous situation.

Rescue members struggle to balance school, any outside jobs they might have, and their hours at rescue. The additional work load that rescue provides is not taken lightly by any member. Providing emergency medicine to such a large group of people requires immense amounts of time spent training and studying. Students strive to understand rescue protocol, not simply to know the material or to earn a grade, but more importantly to be able to apply the knowledge they gain when it could make a difference between life or death.

"All of the time and effort training, and hours working at rescue pay off when you get a thank you from someone that you've transported to the hospital." said public relations officer Tanya Tersillo.

"UVM Rescue really does make a difference in the community."

Though rescue is a lot of work, it also provides many benefits to its members.

"It's a big university and you need some sort of family support." said Personnel officer Callie Tombs.

"Rescue is a family. It makes the university seem smaller."

Working so closely with such a small group of people provides you with an incredible bond.

The unique experiences that you have while working at rescue leave you with a great feeling of unity. contact 656-4287 for more info.

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