VEMS License Renewed by Dept. of Health

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The Villanova Emergency Medical Service (VEMS) was re-certified on Feb. 14 after a rigorous inspection and evaluation by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

The license renewal allows them to continue operating as an EMS service.

Founded in 1989, VEMS is a medical response organization run by 40 students, representing nearly all academic majors.

They operate as a basic life support ambulance that allows them to perform treatments of basic nature, but they cannot perform invasive treatment.

They respond to emergency calls that range in severity from cut fingers to cardiac arrests.

VEMS is on-call 360 days a year, 24 hours a day. Individual members contribute anywhere from a 20-hour commitment a month, to a schedule that is more than 60 hours a week.

VEMS also offers monthly CPR courses and an annual EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) course in the fall, both open to the entire Villanova community.

Currently VEMS is governed by an elected body. The board consists of six executives, including Captain John Morrison, lieutenants Tadd Schwarz, Matt Werner and Jeff Bell, treasurer Chris Anton, and secretary Ashley Joyce. Advisor Matt Mascia is a part-time Villanova staff member and VEMS alumnus.

The group has also received several awards including the best web site for a collegiate EMS group, awarded by the National Collegiate EMS Foundation.

With beds to sleep in, a kitchen, offices and a stocked supply room, EMT’s have a residence to live and study in during their 14- to 18-hour night shifts.

Day shifts are usually shorter and vary in length because of classes.

VEMS assists those in need in the Villanova area with an average response time (from receiving the call to on-site arrival) of under four minutes.

It is a free service to members of the Villanova community, and they also offer free transport to area hospitals.

For further questions on membership or CPR class information, call x96808. In an emergency, VEMS can be reached at x94444.

The VEMS web site can be reached at

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