VEMS Wins National Recognition

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The Villanovan

By Jill Ozovek
Assistant News Editor

At the 2001 National Collegiate EMS Foundation (NCEMSF) Conference last weekend, Villanova Emergency Medical Services (VEMS) was awarded with the Outstanding Collegiate Organization of the Year.

VEMS was selected for this recognition from 200 member organizations of the NCEMSF around the country.

The recognition came as Equipment Lieutenants Mike Morton and Matt Werner presented a seminar on establishing a non-emergency response policy.

Captain John Morrison attributes this recognition partially to a new system of dealing with response to calls.

He said, “Our innovative policy helped us win this national award. For less urgent calls, we respond without lights and sirens.”

According to Morrison, sirens and lights increase the chances of an auto accident. By only using them for priority calls, accidents caused while transporting patients by ambulance decrease.

Morton also praised the new innovative policy. He said, “The decision to respond with lights and sirens is a delicate balance between promptness of patient care and the increased risk of liability associated with such a response.”

Morton added, “The implementation of a non-emergency response policy is a way in which VEMS can be on the cutting edge of the emergency services. Across the country, ambulance and fire companies are beginning to question their current practices regarding emergency driving and we are among the first few in the state and region to pursue such action.”

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