HWS proudly presents the Leader of the Month Award for April 2009 to Gibson McCullagh

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By Hobart and William Smith News Service

Gibson McCullagh embodies the leadership skills and spirit that Hobart and William Smith students strive to achieve. Gibson is the captain of the HWS EMS group on campus. His dedication and leadership to this cause has been instrumental in the success of this group in its inaugural year.

Last year as a first year student Gibson dedicated himself to organizing a student EMS group for the HWS campus. With a team of supporters around him he put his plans into action at the beginning of this academic year. The interest and participation in the group has grown tremendously since its inception. The number of EMTs has more than doubled since the start of the program.

Becoming an EMS member is a rigorous process that requires students to participate in 120 hours of EMT training in a semester participate in required classroom sessions readings and practical medical training. Through their certification program they are able to provide important medical attention to their peers. The team of student EMTs take calls all hours of the day and night. Oftentimes the situations they come across can be difficult in nature but they always remain calm and professional. The student EMTs work closely with our own officers in Campus Safety.

The staff in the Campus Safety Office has been especially impressed with Gibson’s reliability professionalism and integrity. He stops by their office on a regular basis to “check in” and responds to calls in a timely manner. Gibson truly leads the EMS group by example. He sets high expectations for the students in this important role while being a role model among his peers. He started the EMS group from the group up and has built it into a respectable group on campus.

Overall Gibson is a leader at Hobart and William Smith Colleges and in the community in every sense of the word. For the dedication that Gibson has shown to making the HWS campus a safe place; we commend him. Our campus would not be the same without him! Congratulations!

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