Emergency Eagles Wanted

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By Amy Rice
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An exciting new opportunity has arisen for those undergraduate students who are interested in the emergency aspect of medical care and are certified EMTs. In coordination with the Boston College Police Department, students Mark Ritchie (A&S '00) and Chris Foresto (A&S '98) have developed a volunteer organization known as Eagle EMS. The goal of Eagle EMS, according to Ritchie is "to provide the Boston College community with professional, expeditious, and confidential emergency care. Eagle EMS is made up of thirty under-graduate volunteers as of now, who will be on call from 6:00pm Friday until 6:00am Monday starting September 19th. For all those interested in joining this organization there is a mandatory orientation meeting on Tuesday, September 16th, in Higgins 304 from 7-9:00pm. This will be followed by training session on Thursday, September 18th. There will also be an information booth forEagle EMS at Student Activities Day which is Friday, September 19th.

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