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Press Release

Shortly after noon on Thursday, July 27, 2000, CMU EMS responded to an older member of the CMU community in cardiac arrest in our University Center's locker room. After immediate bystander CPR, CMU EMS was on scene in about two minutes. One minute later, an AED showed up, 2 shocks were delivered (first was ~4 minutes after dispatch), the patient regained a pulse... all before ALS arrived. As I understand it, the patient is now in the ICU and has yet to regain consciousness.

I wanted to publicly thank all who responded from CMU for their good work. EMT's: Yerin Kay, Tim Corcoran; Paramedics (mostly): Adam Brill, Marc Unangst; Officer Don Campbell of the CMU Police Department and Tyrone Wrice, a university employee who happened to be in the locker room and started CPR. The city of Pittsburgh responded an als unit, rescue unit, bls unit, and physician.

Also, I would like to thank the NCEMSF for helping us with our AED program ~2 years ago (?). This was our first AED use (and our first code in a while) and the system seems to have worked as well as we could have hoped.

For more information, contact Adam Berson, Operations Manager of CMU Emergency Medical Services at

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