New EMS Club to Benefit College

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Press Release

Contributed by Steve Lanieri

Have you ever wondered what happens when you, or someone you know, need urgent medical attention after hours? Currently, Campus Safety is notified at ext. 6300 and an officer arrives at the scene to assess the patient. If an ambulance is needed, the officer dials 911, and Rockingham Ambulance is dispatched. The closest ambulance may be clear across the city. Depending on traffic, it may take several minutes before they arrive on campus. This may be far too long for someone with a serious medical condition to wait.

Beginning next semester, members of the newly formed Daniel Webster College Emergency Medical Services (DWCEMS) Club will become Nationally Certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The club will work in conjunction with Campus Safety, who will be licensed by the New Hampshire Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to provide emergency medical care to those in need.

The idea was brought forward by Steve Lanieri, a New Jersey State Certified EMT and freshman here at the college. DWCEMS was accepted as a school-sponsored organization at the beginning of this semester.

Beginning next spring, as soon as Campus Safety is notified of a medical emergency, a certified EMT from DWCEMS will respond to stabilize the patient and prepare them for transport.

The club has held many business meetings and has grown to almost fifteen members. DWCEMS will also co-sponsor health and injury prevention programs for the DWC community to include first aid, CPR, and AED training, just to name a few.

For more information about the club, please contact Captain Steve Lanieri at

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