Local College Students Start EMS Squad on Campus

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Some local college students are learning real-life lessons as they work to protect their peers. Students at DeSales University in Lehigh County have started a campus EMS squad. WFMZ's Joscelyn Moes has the story.

>> Ryan Hay: I feel that everyone on campus is much safer.

>> Reporter: Ryan Hay and Mark Ubbens first approached DeSales University officials last fall... about starting a student-run Emergency Medical Service squad.

>> Ryan Hay: We felt that this was something that would help our fellow students a lot.

>> Reporter: The number of medical emergencies on campus has increased over the past couple of years. And university officials felt having something like this would be worthwhile.

>> Chief Vincent Berkes: The response time is within two minutes no matter where they are on campus. Obviously they respond to evaluate the situation. They stabilize the patient if need be.

>> Reporter: About a dozen students who are State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians, or paramedics, make up the squad. With the new squad, help is always here. Someone is on duty and on campus 24/7.

>> Mark Ubbens: A lot of students they come away, they're away from home for the first time. They get hurt. They don't really know what to do. So because we're here they know they have their peers coming to help them.

>> Reporter: The students respond to all sorts of medical emergencies. So far, they've answered about 30 calls on campus.

>> Mark Ubbens: It's been really rewarding to see how well it's worked out.

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