Emory EMS Saves Emory Employee suffering from Anaphylaxis

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Press Release

On March 4th, 2008, medics Alexandra Amaducci, Jason Harms, and Zack Sheingold were working on shift for Emory EMS. Around 14:30, Emory EMS was dispatched to a 911 call for a patient having an allergic reaction at one of the health centers. The primary unit arrived at the scene in just under two minutes and found that the middle-aged Emory employee was having severe difficulty breathing accompanied by tongue swelling and hives covering her entire body.

"I have never seen a patient with such obvious symptoms of anaphylaxis," said Jason Harms, the Supervisor that day. Amaducci, the senior medic on duty, remarked that the patient did not have a prescribed Epi-Pen

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