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"Emergency! Call 9-1-1!" is heard every day in the U.S. When people need help, they know who to call. On college campuses everywhere, students, faculty, administrators, and staff make the same call, but it is quite different when the college or university has its own campus-based emergency medical services unit and students are answering the calls of their peers. Campus based EMS is about students helping students, fostering that civic duty to give back to the greater community and preparing the tomorrow's leaders.

Not only do student volunteers respond and handle potentially life-threatening emergencies, they also work within their collegiate communities educating others in the basics of CPR and First Aid whereby helping to create safer and healthier environments for all.

Students involved in collegiate EMS continue as leaders in their chosen fields. Beyond providing for the acquisition of medical knowledge, collegiate EMS instructs participants in critical life lessons including leadership, teamwork, problem solving and critical decision making. 

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