Knowledge Base - Understanding Ticket Status (Opening and Closing Tickets)

The Help Desk uses a ticket system to track customer problems. At any time, a user may open a new ticket via the Help Desk by clicking on the "Submit Ticket" link.

Once a ticket has been submitted, it is considered "Open."

Occasionally tickets may be placed "On Hold," meaning that the support staff is waiting on the action of the user who submitted the ticket or the support staff is working on resolving the ticket and will respond when a resolution has been established.

Tickets that are resolved or no longer pertinent will be marked "Closed." Either the user or the support staff can close a ticket once it is resolved. In some cases, a ticket will close itself if it goes a certain number of days without a reply from the user who submitted the ticket.

If the ticket is closed but the user or support staff determine it needs to be re-opened, either party can re-open the ticket and add a new reply.

Please ensure that you assist the support staff by keeping your ticket statuses up to date. Please close your resolved tickets, respond to any tickets requiring your response, and re-open tickets that have been inapropriately closed.


Created : 2014-11-17 00:06:03, Last Modified : 2014-11-17 00:06:03

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