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NCEMSF no longer uses RFID tags to sign in to continuing education sessions. Instead, Continuing Medical Education (CME) will be granted after completing the post-conference survey. The new process is:

  1. At the conclusion of the conference, a link to a post-conference survey will be sent out. The survey has a deadline of May 1.
  2. In addition to survey questions about the overall experience, attendees will be asked to rate each session. For each time block, a list of the presentations given in that session will be provided. By completing a survey for the session, the attendee will receive continuing education credit.
  3. Attendees will continue to view their continuing education records by logging into the site and going to Conference → My CME Records in the menu.

Common issues with claiming CME include:

  1. The attendee is not registered for Conference. 
    Most people who claim CME are conference attendees, and the system recognizes this automatically. However, presenters and other special guests may not have created a registration record. As such, the system does not recognize that they attended the conference. If this describes you, please email and we will address the issue.
  2. The attendee did not complete the survey prior to the deadline.
    We require that the post-conference survey is completed prior to May 1 following the conference. This deadline will not be extended. If you did not complete the survey prior to the deadline, you will not be issued CME.  


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